Sherlolly-centric Spoiler Compilation for Last Vow

I have some Sherlolly-centric speculation for the Last Vow to follow this post, but first wanted to make a separate post with just the spoilery info I’ve seen for “Last Vow” gathered.

From articles, we got confirmation John Watson finding Sherlock in the drug den begins “Last Vow”. This helps set up a rough chronology based upon costume changes, bystander filming reports and trailers.

"The opening scenes contain blackmail, bullying and a shocking change from Sherlock. Doctor Watson is off to solve his own little case of sorts and this leads to fights and foul words between him and Sherlock.There is a fascinating plot and crime clues galore in the opening 15 minutes.

Sherlock is helping Lady Elizabeth Smallwood, who is at risk of seeing her family destroyed by CAM.  When Charles clashes with Sherlock over Lady Smallwood’s family secrets and another crime closer to home,  it is a real meeting of the minds. It is a meeting of two minds who think the same way, with mind palaces, unlike normal adults.  Expect helicopters and guns with Sherlock on a bigger scale than ever before. There is also love, lies, licking and laughing along the way.”

"As the final episode gets underway this week, John Watson hasn’t seen Sherlock Holmes in a month. But, he’s in for a shocking reunion when , while helping a friend find their drug user son, he bumps into former user, Sherlock at a drug den. Watson is unable to believe Sherlock has gone back to his drug using ways. When he learns of another shocking development in his friend’s personal life, he wastes no time quizzing him about both revelations. It turns out Sherlock has a good reason for taking drugs again. It’s all part of his masterplan to make newspaper headlines mogul CAM believe he is an addict to give the sleuth an advantage.”

An episode summary mentioned a set of letters & black mail start off the case.  Sherlock wrote a blog entry after the wedding, seeming lonely and bored. Molly conspicuously didn’t reply.   Tom is not listed as cast for Last Vow. Janine was seen on set at night shoot at CAM tower.  In original ACD story, Sherlock adopts a persona to seduce CAM’s maid & becomes engaged to her to find out about CAM’s household. Basically doing what the MayFly guy did in SoT.


DAYTIME. John (regular dark jacket/jeans) & Mary (pj bottoms) drive up to a seedy bldg.  Sherlock (blue top/gray sweat pants looking homeless) walks out of bldg as John (regular dark jacket/jeans) follows him out.

S: “For God’s sake John. … I was on a case.”
J: “for a month?”
S: “I was under cover”
J: “well ______”
S: “WELL NOT NOW!” - Sherlock makes agitated hand gestures and John walks behind him.

DAYTIME. Same costumes, John & Sherlock get into Mary’s car. She is in front as chauffeur & another man “Wiggins” (presumably their friend with the drug addict son) is in the backseat. They drive off.

DAYTIME. John (dark jacket) and Sherlock still dressed as homeless man ride in the back of a taxi around London & pass by Trafalgar Square.

DAYTIME. John (dark jacket) Sherlock dressed as homeless man arrive to 221B.

New Sherlock His Last Vow promo pic  X

DAYTIME. Sherlock (dressed as homeless man), John (dark jacket/jeans), CAM dressed as above, Lady Smallwood/the woman dressed as above, John’s stunt double & actors dressed in military/army fatigues all spotted at Cardiff University bldg on closed set on same day.

Sherlock/BC also seen dressed in nice suit on same set the same day.

DAYTIME. John (dark jacket/jeans) witnessed knocking on door of bldg 5x. Smoke was seen coming out of the bldg.

Obviously at least 2 different scenes shot on same day at same location.  John knocking scene seems like John entering drug den.


DAYTIME. Sherlock (dark suit/white shirt) telling someone (most likely John, possibly John & Mycroft) in his living room how much he hates CAM. 

Presumably Sherlock will inform John of the other shocking development in his personal life in this conversation and John will grill him about them.

DAYTIME. John (dark jacket/blue jeans) & Sherlock (dark suit/white shirt) exit 221B,  Sherlock hails taxi & tells John to bring a gun.  Sherlock leaves in taxi alone. 

NIGHT. Sherlock (dark suit/white shirt/long coat) is at CAM tower. John (dark jacket/blue jeans) arrives. They go up the CAM tower elevator.together.

CAM & Janine seen on tower set at same time.


Sherlock in long dark coat/white shirt sneaking behind a wall in what looks like an office setting.

DAYTIME. John (dark jacket/scarf) & Sherlock (coat/scarf) walking in front of a CAM helicopter


Sherlock meets with a police man in a London pub.

Sherlock & Mycroft in 221B with Mycroft telling Sherlock if he goes against CAM that he will be going ag. Mycroft.

CAM telling Sherlock he has made a big mistake that will cost those he loves.


Don’t recognize above outfits.  3.3?

Sherlock normal get-up, John, Mary &  Molly & bunch of extras (in dress shirts and ties, dresses) spotted at a Cardiff University bldg on closed set on same day.  Louise tweeted pic of her lab coat hanging this same day saying it was a wrap for her.


Sherlock’s double taken away in ambulance.  John there.

DAYTIME, but windows closed up to be dark. Sherlock meets CAM in his hospital gown with IV drip in a cafe.  Likely mind palace.

Medic/Nurse/Surgeon cast. Extras say they saw Sherlock & John on set.

NIGHT. Lestrade(gray shirt & black long coat), John (blue shirt, grayish or brown ish sweater cardigan, beige trousers) & Molly in lab coat all at hospital setting at night. Lestrade and John seen walking outside hospital, Lestrade talking on the phone.

John (blue shirt, grayish/brownish cardigan) at 221B talking to someone.


At least 3 closed set days with Sherlock, John, Mary & Molly all around on closed sets. 

DAY. Sherlock, John, elderly white haired man with sweater and bow tie observed in the country on closed set at a military base property.

Sherlock (white shirt, dark suit/long dark coat) John, Mary, police officer among characters on closed set in Wales military base property.

Scenes set in Afghanistan.

Man cast as a waiter. Middle aged white man cast as John Garvie.  Katie, black 30ish woman.

Wales beach scene. Nothing about who is in it.

Anderson and Mary - have 2 scenes together in his apt. Closed set.

DAY. Lestrade sees newspaper headlines and goes into shop to buy one.

DAY. Mary, John, Lestrade - Residential location. Closed set.

NIGHT. Mary & homeless Man scene, she gives man $ and he passes her blue tooth, she walks alone and sees her image projected onto side of bldg and runs into bldg.

Mrs. Hudson seen on set during the day.

NIGHT. Sherlock dressed in long coat sees John sitting & drinking coffee in a diner.  Switches places with him. Likely a mind palace scene.

Wales scenes.

German Court Scene. Not Guilty!

Mycroft (dark suit/vest/tie) and CAM in suit in meeting setting.

Director notes on back of script page talking about “SD Sherlock”  and mentioning Molly & Mary with someone behind her in a garden.  I’m guessing SD= Stunt Double so sounds like action sequence with Sherlock/Molly/Mary.

  1. Line 1 - “The above ________________suggested.”
  2. Line 2 - “SD Sherlock ___________ (looks like “dark”).”
  3. Line 3 - “SD Sherlock ______________”
  4. Line 4 - “SD Sherlock_______________carpet.”
  5. Line 5 - “____________Sherlock ______possible.”
  6. Line 6 - “_____________________of the wall.”
  7. Line 7 - “________________________ and Molly?”
  8. Line 8 -“________________________ hand running along.”
  9. LIne 9 - “____________________________”
  10. Line 10 - ” __________________________ behind Mary”
  11. Line 11 - ” When she turns___________gardens _______”
  12. Line 12 - “____”
  13. Line 13- ” __________”
  14. LIne 14 - “___________”
  15. Line 15 = “____________”
  16. Line 16 - ” ____________”
  17. Line 17 - “_____________”
  18. LIne 18 - “_____________”

There were rumors Amanda and Louise were filming at same time 1 day. Maybe they filmed an action sequence with Stunt Double “SD” Sherlock.?

From BakerStreetBabes spoiler free review

- Marijuana
- Pressure points
- Redbeard
- Molly is so important. So fucking important.
- Lick your face.
- Mike
- I don’t understand.
- I still don’t understand.
- “He can snap you in half and right now. I’m afraid he might.”
- It’s a dummy.
- “It doesn’t mean I’m not happy to see you.”
- Clever clever Mary.
- Pent up aggression,  much? BAMF John.
- Look into Holmesian past.
- Pet names.